Over the last couple of months, we have brought in a lot more Creator-focussed features, that is currently live amongst most of our dedicated Creators. Our app – Spark.Live – facilitates income-generation for lifestyle-category Creators through a mix of Content and Commerce, and it has enabled us to streamline the Content workflow drastically.

This, in turn, is now helping us tap into an increasingly large set of users from India’s hinterlands. The number speaks for itself – 60 million+ in just the month of January 2020!

In March 2020, we will be gradually opening out the beta version to public, allowing access to monetisation to a wider set of Creators. Our partner brands are also going to get an enhanced set of functionality — but more on that in a separate post. The app experience has also been completely revamped, so do check it out.

Keep tracking this space for more updates this month. A lot of new stuff is planned out, as we go wider and more public with our work.