The fantastic folks at Inc42 just released their startup watchlist for 2020, and we are amongst the startups to watch out for in Media & Entertainment sector.

As Inc42 article mentions, our work in this sector continues to deepen as we dive into the world of Indic languages, through hyperlocal content that’s audiovisual and well-planned, and driven by our large on-ground network of creators. We have always believed that every company in future would need to be content-first, and would need to communicate in languages of that large sections of its customers speak.

Furthermore, video and interactive content would disrupt the traditional forms, and this is where most of our work is cut out. Our founder, Soum Paul, hinted this in his discussion with Inc42.

“We are also in the early phases of a highly interactive video and live-stream era, where audiovisual experiences will transcend and transform numerous domains like lifestyle, commerce, education, healthcare, fashion, and living.”

Watch out this space for exciting announcements of latest and greatest from our side, as we work towards making the internet more interesting for the Indic language users.