A lot has happened in the last 4 months and one among them was the 1 Million Milestone (as of writing this blog, we are about to touch 1.5 Million downloads). 

Our team has been aggressively working on the app experience through these last few months, with our goal to make it one of the country’s most unique content apps for vernacular speaking masses. Some big things we did in the recent past are:

Real LIVE from deep within India

Be it Odissha Fani, Rath Yatra, the Ajmer Flood, Teej Festival or the Gujarat Floods, SparkTV team has been covering events from all over India, and have been engaging the SparkTV users with a window into India through video and LIVE.

Personalised Feed that learns from user behaviour and recommends best content to them

SparkTV now enables tech to provide a Personalised feed that suggests relevant videos to the users, based on their past behavior. The Personalized feed is driven by Machine Learning algorithms that become increasingly smarter as individual and collective users use the app. This in turn kept more users coming back to the app and hence spend more time on the App. 

UI & UX Revamp

SparkTV App had a major revamp in its design and added up multiple functionalities and features making SparkTV app more cohesive and powerful. This was also a major contributor for the users time spent in the App, Increase in video view count and increase in the number of shares.

Lot more is coming in the next two months; in fact, we have a roadmap laid out for next one year of media technology innovations that push the frontier and bring users the most enriching and entertaining content from deep within the country. 

Stay tuned and download the app today