The current-day internet is highly biased towards English speaking users — it is the classic 80-20 challenge: 80% of content is available for 20% of the users (English speaking ones), and only 20% content for the remaining 80% (the local language speakers). 

This disparity will get addressed over the next decade, through the efforts of companies, individuals, organizations, who are driven to engage with this emerging userbase. 

As the internet gains a more local flavour, we will witness a richness and diversity that it has long lacked. The world will become flatter, this time due to the widespread internet penetration, and the flattening will take place as the new userbase gets equal access to the information as English-speaking users have had till now. 

We believe that the equal access to information will not only empower the large swathes of world population that has up until now been isolated, it will spark a whole new breed of companies and startups that will celebrate the cultural diversity of our nation.

The House of Sir George Everest — A SparkTV Video

From local heroes and stars, to incredible destinations and experiences, to local cuisine and customs, to events that have till date been hidden from even neighbouring states, it will be a whole new era.

New algorithms and technologies that are language aware is at the heart of this revolution. So are the individuals who are passionate to engage with this new audience daily through their work.

The Floating Church of India — a SparkTV Video

Our biggest drive is to be at the centre of this new era that’s coming. Since our inception in 2018, we have been incessantly focussed on creating a flow of authentic infotainment for this audience, our ultimate goal being not only the company that provides them smart, quality, powerful, informative and entertaining content everyday, but also creating new technologies that power this multilingual world.

We are, and have been, at the heart of this revolution that’s taking place.

Imagine the world a decade from now: a user speaking any of India’s languages would be able to seamlessly search, book tickets, order food, find jobs, find love, understand the world through content, just as a English-language user currently does. That is the world we are building, the world of diversity and of equal access to information to everyone.

Do you aspire to be part of this movement? Join as — as a brand, as a part of our team, or as a content parter. Write to us, we want to hear from you if you feel passionate about this space in any way. We are at