According to the recently released Year in Search report by Google, over 40 million new users came online in the year 2018. India is the world’s last remaining large market, with over half a billion new users poised to come online by 2021, a userbase that is now being referred to as the Next Half Billion. 

Ironically, content on internet has, up until date, been so heavily biased towards users literate in English that for the emerging new users who prefer to access internet in their local language, there is a huge information gap that would need to be filled over the next decade or so. 

The problem doesn’t stop at just information, even access to product information, advertisements, interface to most of the common services, all happen to be heavily biased for English-language literate users. Most brand websites lack support for Indic languages, and even their social media efforts assume English literacy. Yet, the Google-KPMG report states that 88% of local language users prefer video advertisements in their local language.

It is, therefore, imperative that brands, especially B2C sector ones that target Bharat, urgently adopt Indic languages as the medium through which they disseminate information about their products and services. From website, to social media marketing, to video advertisements and branded content, should make the effort to talk to the local language users. Doing so would lead to some major wins — everything from accessibility of their products to the local language users, to harness local language searches on Google, to reducing the burden on their customer support department, to higher sales, there are advantages are numerous. 

Since our launch in early 2018, we have been regularly working with brands and helping them with aspects of this. Our fully multilingual content workflow, ability to generate low cost videos in Indic languages, ability to distribute widely, and engaging new formats to drive communities around a product or a brand, we have been busy building the workflow required to harness the new internet userbase from ground up. Reach out to us, and we can tell you how we can help. 

This is an exciting time for all of us. As we herald into the new era, we aspire to see an internet that’s more equitable, rich in local language information, and in the process, collaborate with brands to help them spread their message to this large emerging userbase.

Homescreen Network has pan-India presence, and we offer highly cost-effective approaches to Indic language content collaboration. Drop us a note at or give us a call at +918448444262.