We’ve got news! Good news.

Our app SparkTV (https://sparktv.app) is getting some serious traction on the Playstore. Since its beta launch 45 days ago, the Android app has been downloaded 3,50,000 times by users across India.

As a startup that’s serving emerging regional audiences with relevant videos in Indian languages of their choice, SparkTV has blazed the trail by launching video content streams in 5 Indian languages in a very short span of time.

Sparktv users can now watch a variety of videos ranging from local stories, lifestyle, sports, mythology, health, beauty in Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada,Bengali and English.

In all over, Sparktv’s videos were viewed over 17 million times by users across platforms, including the app and Facebook. The video views and shares on the app are growing exponentially every single day and we will also be rolling out several exciting tech updates in the next few weeks.

“The fact that our app downloads and video views are finding a great deal of organic traction is proof that our content is finding resonance among regional audiences,” says T V Mahalingam, Co-Founder and Editor, SparkTV.  

So far, user feedback on our app has been overwhelmingly positive. And that’s something which keeps us going.