Over the last several months, we have been quietly working towards building an advanced media stack that has the ability to power an array of our future products. Prior to building this backend, the workflow for publishing content was cumbersome and time-consuming, leading to lower production volume and over-reliance on a number of tools, services and platforms.

The beta version of this stack, with integrated support for streaming and interactive content, was rolled out in Jan 2019, providing us a much-needed framework to build upon.

Since then, we have been revamping our product stack and migrating from the legacy stack to the new platform.

Today, the SparkTV.in website was completely migrated to the new stack and is now LIVE!

Designed with mobile-first mindset, the website has been simplified dramatically to cater to the vernacular users who prefer to consume SparkTV content through their browser rather than an installed app. More advanced features would be rolled out iteratively. Also, the work towards transforming this website into a PWA is also underway, and will be rolled out very soon.

Check this space for more updates soon!