Homescreen Network

Homescreen Network (HSN) is India’s #1 Virtual Studio Network. Our network spans 26 states and over 120 cities, and is backed by a powerful multi-lingual studio platform built ground-up.

Spark Daily App

Spark Daily is HSN’s premium vernacular content app, providing ground-breaking quality content for emerging smartphone users in their local language. Spark Daily currently supports 5 Indian languages, and a variety of interactive content formats.

Discover travel, life, love, culture, entertainment content generated by our massive network of hyperlocal creators.
Our content is generated from deep within India’s hinterland, and captures millions of hearts every day.
Engage with a daily bouquet of premium short video content on the go!
Wake up to a diverse range of content every day, in categories that span across all aspects of your life. Go beyond timepass.
Available in 5 languages!
Currently serving users in Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Bengali and English.
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Distribution Network

Our ever-growing network of distribution partners across social, digital and OTT platforms reaches 300 mn + users in India.

For Brands

Reports say that 88% of Indian users prefer branded content in their own language. Use our platform and our studio network to create multilingual videos from deep within India. A number of brands have already harnessed our abilities.

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For Creators

Do you dream of engaging with one of the fastest growing user bases in India? Do you love telling stories through your camera, and providing a window into the real India? Join thousands across the country who are part of our growing studio network.

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About Us

Homescreen Network was founded in 2018 with the vision of bringing authentic local-language content to India’s highly diverse and culturally rich user base. Aiming to engage with the Next Half Billion (NHB) users from India’s tier 2, tier 3 and rural belt, HSN pioneered a virtual studio network approach and built a platform from ground up that streamlines the generation of multilingual content on the cloud. HSN touches tens of millions of people every month through video stories generated from deep within India, and engages users in 5 languages. HSN has been backed by marquee investors, and comprises a crack team of storytellers, media veterans, technologists, film-makers and marketing professionals.

Our Team

We are staunch believers of the notion that start-ups are built through the collective efforts of a small group of shape-shifting, persistent mavericks who constantly adapt to improve themselves and the company, and strive to bring better products to the user. If you believe you are one of these rarest of rare individuals, you might find us to be the one place that empowers you to flex your creative muscles and expand your boundaries. Of course we pay you industry rates and reward you with options, but join us, if you will, only for the challenge and the excitement of solving it.
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Branded Content

Indians are watching videos. Hours of it. Every day. 40 M new users are entering the Internet every year across the country. 88% of Indian customers prefer to hear about brands in their own language. Vernacular video is the format that’s already winning. And it's going to grow even bigger in the coming years.

So, is your brand vernacular ready? Are you able to converse with your customer base in their language? Can you engage them, daily, with powerful content that reminds them of your brand? Are you present on the emerging social platforms?

If yes, then kudos to you. If not, then we are your answer. From producing riveting content from anywhere in India, to distributing it to millions of users, and connecting with them using highly creative and interactive formats — and all of this in multiple Indic languages — we are the one and only media partner that you need to talk to.

Imagine your brand, available to all, in their language, distributed everywhere. Talk to us and we will make it happen sales@homescreennetwork.com.